Soaked Saguaro Crushes Glendale Family Truck



A Glendale family believes last weekend’s storm is to blame for a 30-foot saguaro falling and crushing one of their trucks.

The 10,000 lb cactus stood in Jordan Duncan’s front yard near 43rd Avenue and Bell Road until early Saturday morning when it fell across the driveway and crushed his Nissan truck.

“It crushed the truck almost like a tin can,” said Duncan.

The homeowner, who estimates the saguaro is about 25 years old, noticed the cactus starting to lean about two years ago.

“If they’re learning towards your house, I would get them removed because it could do some serious damage,” he said.

Since there are strict rules on touching cacti in Arizona, Duncan called a professional.

“If there’s a saguaro on your property and you want to remove it, you need to get permission from the Arizona Department of Agriculture. But once it’s fallen, you can cut it up and remove it,” said Duncan.

After getting a $2,000 quote, Duncan decided to hold off on moving the cactus from his yard.

“It’s pretty expensive to get it removed so I just played the odds and I did lose,” said Duncan.

With more rain coming to the valley, Duncan warns others with cacti to take precautions.

“As the ground gets soaked and the cacti fill up with water, it makes them a lot heavier so if you have a saguaro in your yard that you see leaning, I would look at it getting anchored down,” said Duncan


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